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The George James Community Center main building is equipment with a kitchen, women & men bathrooms, meeting space, recreational room and we hope to our the second floor operational later this year.

  Photos of the 1st floor Entrance, hall, bathrooms, Kitchen
                                                        (Scroll down to view photos)

Entrance (Front Door) to main hall  Hall Foyer
      Front Entrance - Main Floor Hall                                                                         Hall  Foyer

Double doors leading to hall and bathrooms       Bathrooms-Women & Men
Double door leading to hallway, bathrooms & upstairs                                 Ladies and Gentleman bathroom entrance

Inside of Womens' Bathroom       Inside of Womens' Bathroom
                                                                                  Women's Bathroom

Inside of Womens' Bathroom        Inside of Womens' Bathroom

Wall TV        Ceiling Fan
                  Wall TV      42 inches                                                                                         Ceiling Fan

Kitchen       Kitchen