Located at 1215 George James Loop, Radiant, Virginia 22732; (540) 672-7138.George James Community Center, Inc.

Non-Profit Organization 501 (c) (3)

The George James Community Center main building is equipped with a kitchen, women & men bathrooms, meeting space, recreational room. Check out the calendar to see what's happening at the center.

John  S. Slaughter
received the 2013
Madison Award
May 28, 2013


John Slaughter is the project manager for the center's renovations. He is always taking care of whatever is required. Rev. Frank Lewis is discussing some of the changes with John.

The Pavilion has a concrete floor and electrical wiring and lighting. The area can accommodate between 50 to 75 people. It also has a propane grill and picnic tables.


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                              Big Breakfast @ GJCC, 1215 George James Loop, Radiant, VA

                                                                     Time:   7:00 to 10:30 a.m
                                                                     Date:   May 13, 2017
                                                                              June 10, 2017
                                                                              July 8, 2017  
                                                                              August 12, 2017
                                                                              September 9, 2017
                                                                              October 14, 2017
                                                                               November 11, 2017
                                                                               December 9, 2017               


    We are elated to say that 10 Scholarships were awarded in 2014/2015 to the following 
     students; in the amount of $1,000 each.

  • Angela Apperson
  • Heather Dodson
  • Devin KeShawn Fields
  • Devon T. Frye
  • Brianna Heath
  • William L. Stanton
  •  LeAnn Jones
  • Kelly K. Shifflet
  • Devon James Weichel and
  • Larry Darnelle Turner, Jr.

     Scholarship/Education Assistance Application must be post marked by 
                   April 29, 2017.
The below instruction and application is a PDF format and can
                   be downloaded to your computer/printed to be completed.

                          o  Scholarship Instruction        o  Scholarship Application


On April 12, 2006, the George James Community Center was incorporated by the Commonwealth of Virginia to transact business as a non-profit, non-stock corporation.
The center's main two-story cinderblock building on Orange Road (Route 230) five miles
east of U.S. 29 at George James Loop was originally built in 1962 as a meeting hall for
George James Masonic Lodge Chapter 231.

Up-Coming Event:  AARP Driver Safety Course being presented by the AARP Driver Safety and George James Community Center at the center.  Contact Mr. John Slaughter at (540) 672-7138 if you have questions. 

        Photographs of Interior rooms of the Center and Social Events
    Photographs of Senior Complimentary Lunch, December 16, 2013  

The Center's main building is equipped with a kitchen, women & men bathrooms, meeting space, and a recreational room. Check out the calendar to see what's happening at the center and contact us if you would like to take a walk through of the facilities. We are here to serve the community.
A recreational link between Madison
and the surrounding counties. Rental space is available for meetings and other activities.

  email: GJCC1215@hotmail.com

The center is organized exclusively for
the advancement of charitable, educational, religious and recreational purposes.

       1215 George James Loop
           Radiant, Virginia  22732
        (540) 672-7138    

       Orange Road (route 230) five miles east of U. S. 29 at George James Loop   

Check out the rental form and call the center at the above number or  contact us via email.

Thanks for your Support!